Toby Wilkins


This list is in order of last read. Only books I recommend make the list.

Last updated: 03/05/2020

With book notes

Without book notes

  • Outliers: The story of success. people who succeed did it by grit alone, but that’s not true. This book describes why luck, timing and your background are big factors.
  • Smart Notes, by Sonke Ahrens. This book explains how note taking helps the thought process, and tips for creating and using them. Highly recommended if your an avid note taker like myself.
  • Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker. You spend a third of your life asleep, yet how much do you know about it? This book was fascinating and gave me a new appreciation for sleep.
  • Your money or your life. This book has changed my outlook on money management and saving. Read this now, it could change your life.
  • Getting things done. I was struggling with managing my workload, and this book really helped. It walks you through the ‘GTD’ process.
  • Show your work. This book is the reason I created this website. It’s about the benefits of sharing what you do, and tips for doing it.
  • This is going to hurt. My partner is a doctor, and in an attempt to understand her profession better I read this book. In conclusion, anyone who does this is both nuts, and deserves an OBE.
  • Atomic Habits. Life is built up of day to day habits. This book explains how to recognise them, pick good ones and follow them.
  • Age of ambition. As a westerner living in the UK, the politics of chinease living is alien to me. This book helped shine a little bit of light on how billions of people live.
  • The Checklist Manifesto. Humans are prone to error, checklists help us be consistent and get things right. After reading this book, I want to make a checklist for everything.
  • Essentialism. We have a finite amount of time in our lives. This book is about identifying that, and what the most essential things we need to do are.