Toby Wilkins

Security Architecture

Recommended cyber security and technology related resources


  • Building secure & reliable systems at google. A great book at security architecture at scale.
  • The phoenix project. If you work in technology, this is a must read. It’s actually a fun novel, which follows a fictitious organisation as they identify and solve many challenges which you may relate to.
  • The unicorn project. This is the sequel to the phoenix project. It’s a novel that walks through the technology and organisational issues of a dysfunctional company and how to solve them. Reading this book made me a little bit agitated, i recognised nearly all the problems from working with customers.
  • Google site reliability engineering. This book describes how google approaches the task of managing there IT infrastructure. Lots of good lessons.
  • A bug hunters Diary. About a security researcher, and how he finds security vulnerabilities.
  • The art of exploitation. A book that talks you through deep level exploitation of computer software. A little out of date now, but the techniques still stand true.



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