Toby Wilkins

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How I read books


My reading used to involve just picking up a book, and then you know, reading it. When finished I would move on to the next one. Repeat. The problem is, I could never remember what I read. I wasn’t transferring what I learned, into real world value. If that’s the case, then what’s the point?

Progressive summarisation is a proven technique to remember what you read. I have built a workflow around this concept. I now get a lot more value from reading books.

My process

I take a bit more time to do this, but its worth it. I remember more. I apply more. Building the system in my ‘digital brain’ makes it very easy to dip in, review and remember.

Along side, i take time to explain the key points of the book to another person. Teaching other peoples requires you to properly understand. Luckily, my girlfriend finds that interesting.

I mostly read non-fiction. I would’t do this for a novel.

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