Toby Wilkins

I closed SecondBrainSync, and learned some stuff


In my last blog post, I described a new website that I created. It was a service where you could connect various text highlighting applications, and have them automatically copy and synchronise into your note taking application of choice.

Since then, I shut down the service. I enjoyed creating it, and learned a lot. But not many people were using it. The cost of running the service wasnt worth it. RIP

I got a lot from the experiment.

It gave me something new and exciting to get my teeth stuck into during the COVID lockdown in the UK. I learned that I need something mentally stimulating and exciting, to make me happy. Otherwise I get bored and frustrated.

I learned how to write reactJS front ends, and ExpressJS back ends. I learned about authentication, openID connect and postgresql databases. I learned that for basic web services, simple is best so decided to re-write the whole service in django. I learned to stick with tried and tested technologies, and not chase the latest cool and trendy technology for no good reason.

I learned that it’s not enough to just create a service, and put it online. You have to do marketing or no one will ever find it. I learned that running a service is actually quite a lot of work. Bugs crop up and you need to fix them. Operating a service is a 24 hour job.

Although secondBrainSync didnt work out, the project was worth it.

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