Toby Wilkins


Things that I am currently working on. Last updated on 14/04/2020.

Reading Highlights aggregator

I’m currently writing a web application, that makes it easier to view and export your highlights, from a variety of different reading applications. Specifically, instapaper, Pocket and Kindle. At the moment, its difficult to export your highlights in an easy way, into your note keeping software of choice. This app will help with that.

Improve the security of system administration

A common trend in cyber security, is the way that organisations and businesses insecurely manage and operate there systems. The approach is comparable to people locking there front doors, but leaving the back gate open. I’m currently working on ways to improve this area of cyber security.

Self Development

I’m super into self development at the moment. I’m researching approaches that will help me contribute to the world in a more impactful way, and living a fulfilled lifestyle that is sustainable over the long run.

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